Red Tent Living Submission and Partial Intro..

Hiding in Playtime

Over the Summer as I was doing some EMDR work in therapy I started to do some writing. I have always liked writing and at times played with the idea of being a writer(whatever that actually means), but the thought of people reading what I wrote was scary. I never saw myself as a “good enough” writer so anything I did write stayed in my journals. This writing became different though. The above piece started out as a healing tool; it is easier for me to speak on paper than out loud sometimes. As I laid it all out on paper I began to see myself more. I was able to walk through something that happened to me in a way I never had before. Writing became different to me; it became sacred and healing. In the beginning there was no intention of sharing what I wrote, but when it happened I experienced more healing and things began to open up for me. I am in no way healed. I have just begun and deeply believe that healing will happen forever. We are not fully complete until we see Jesus. There is a tension between the already and not yet that we must hold(more on that in another post). This blog has come out of that healing. Selfishly, I want more healing and hope this avenue brings some, but I also want to see other people experience healing. Life has a way of leaving its mark on us all and we don’t always talk about those marks unless we can wrap them up in a nice bow. I don’t know about you, but I have never been the nice bow type. So the vision for this blog is to talk about all the mess life throws at us and how we stumble through. I will not be the only writer here (that is the hope anyway ;)), I want this to be an avenue of healing for others as they write too. We will talk about trauma, faith, counseling, emotions, our kingdoms and more.

I will more officially introduce myself in a later post, but thought sharing the writing that started this whole thing first would be fitting.

P.S. The entries here will not always be edited first so if you see mistakes just take that as part of the mess of life 😉


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